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A picture of me smiling and wearing sunglasses and vampire fangs, with blood on their mouth, taken in a car mirror.

Call me Monty.

I was born in '99, and I use he/she/they/it pronouns.

This site is about everything I love most: horror movies, goth music, and all things creepy and crawly. Check out my shrines if you want to learn about some of my more niche interests.

Send accounts of paranormal experiences, love letters, pictures of weird taxidermy, etc. to (Or comment on my Neocities profile.)

Song of the Day: Once Beautiful by The Last Dance

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Ooh okay Capture Kill Release was actually a really good, that's going right on my found footage list

PIXELDOLLS.NET hosts a bunch of old dollmakers, like this one that was originally on Dollz Mania :]

Female Trouble 1974
STOP βœ‹ buying cheap ugly clothes from Shein and donating them to the thrift store. No one wants them you guys are ruining my shopping experience
Nooooo I was having so much fun with Sick Nurses until the sudden last minute transphobia. It could have been so good.

This video has been stuck in my head all fucking day lmao

Autopsy 2008
I watched Mute Witness last night and it was so good! I wish it was available on literally any legit streaming services so I could recommend it to more ppl lol, but if you don't mind going on some sketchy sites definitely look it up.
The Den (2013) would be sooooo good if it were good. I love the premise of being on an omegle/chat roulette-type site and seeing a murder, and I can't lie I love internet horror in general and movies about snuff films in specific. But the script is just. Not good. And I'm sorry the masked slasher villian is so goofy to me. This movie wishes it was a Hisayasu SatΓ΄ flick.


Okay here's the goth club outfit, w/ tights :D You can't really tell in this picture but the skirt is my favorite red velvet one.
Goth club tonight! Just finished tearing up my old tights with a fork lol, love how they're looking. Might post a pic later.

Just blew through The Sluts by Dennis Cooper in like 2 days. Insane book, I loved it. You can read it here, on Internet Archive.
Heresy by Nine Inch Nails blasting in the car, bass cranked all the way up, speakers almost blowing out πŸ‘ I love you Downward Spiral
Bringing my coworker to the monthly goth brunch my friend hosts! I <3 getting new ppl into the scene
Going down a pinku eiga rabbit hole rn, this is fascinating I can't believe I hadn't come across it before. Anyway you should watch Splatter: Naked Blood πŸ‘
It's so hard to be me ← obsessed with notoriously bad horror subgenres
Really happy with my how my new header turned out! If you click on the text it'll take you to the website I used to make that word art. The font I used is called "Glass".
New Amigo the Devil album yayyyyy. He made Stray Dog for me specifically.
R.I.P. to my buddy Sex Machine
Slowly trying to replace my other social media with this site, so I'm adding random features for that. "Status Updates" is my replacement for making random text posts on Tumblr lol.